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Our History

Haughey Metals was established in 1983, with a core business of metal recycling that has expanded during the last 29 years to also include demolition and obsolete ship recovery.

Prior to establishing the company the two current directors Miceal and Olive Haughey spent 10 years in Canada.  During this time Miceal worked in a wide range of industrial fields.  Miceal spent 3 years at the construction of the first tarsands processing facility at Syncrude, Canada’s site at Mildred Lake, Alberta. He worked for Cassiar Asbestos Corporation in British Columbia in the asbestos mining industry.  He also worked on oil and gas Exploration Drilling in Northern British Columbia.

When Miceal and Olive Haughey returned to Ireland they looked at opportunities in Ireland, which would compliment their skills.  After careful consideration they decided to go into the metal recycling business.  At first the business was primarily involved in buying scrap from local engineering works.  This base, whilst being maintained, has been broadened to encompass other organisations in the public and private sectors throughout Ireland.

Haughey Metals Ltd is committed to ensuring client satisfaction by providing a service of metal collection throughout Ireland catered to suit the requirements of each individual client, morning, noon or night.   Maintaining a consistently high reputation and a quality service is something we value very much in our day-to-day running of the company.  That’s evidenced by the significant percentage of repeat business over the years.

The extensive experience gained since the company was formed has enabled us to complete a wide variety of projects throughout Ireland.  Some of which will be mentioned later.  During such projects we endeavour to guarantee that all operations are undertaken to the highest possible standards in respect of health, safety and the environment, ensuring all risks are minimised.

Our site premises have seen vast changes over the years as we have invested heavily in infrastructure to conform and at times exceed current European Union environmental standards.   On the processing side of the operation we have made major investments in state of the art processing machinery

The company’s policy objectives are to:

  • Provide all employees with a safe working environment.
  • Carry out all operations in accordance with current legislation.
  • Ensure that sustainability issues of economic, social and environmental factors are taken into account in all of our operations.
  • Trade profitably to enable Haughey Metals Ltd to:
    * Continue maintaining employment opportunities for our staff.
    * Invest in research and development to identify areas for improvement and to   have the resources to upgrade these areas.